Are you up for a job change? Insights from a recruiter

Interview with Jack Corbett

I recently changed my job and moving from one company to another comes with lots of uncertainty.

  • Will I pick the right one?
  • How can I make sure, that I actually get the job, that I want?
  • Will hiring companies find me and offer me jobs?

For any statistician a job change represent a major shift and occurs rather infrequent – hopefully. For a recruiter – this is day-to-day business.

Jack Corbett

I personally had very good experiences with Jack and today, I’m talking with him about:

  • What’s the job market looks like for biostatisticians?
  • If I want to work remotely – is that possible?
  • How can I make sure, I get good offers – even if the specific job is not offered publicly?
  • How does the opportunities differ between academia, CRO and pharma?
  • What employers look for in candidates, e.g CV’s, applications and interviews?

Look out for lots of great learnings and insights!

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About Jack Corbett

Jack Corbett heads up the Hays Life Sciences Biometrics & Data Science team focusing on the provision of permanent and contract hires within Biotech’s, CRO’s, Consultancies and Pharmaceutical companies across the UK, Europe and US. Throughout his time working within Biometrics, Jack has had demonstrable success in delivering expert talent to a variety of different organisations at a variety of levels. He has completed major projects ranging from mid-level staffing projects to global management teams through to executive level appointments. With over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of markets, Jack is an expert in the recruitment industry and has been recommended by clients and candidates globally as a leader within his field.

If you would like jacks assistance from anything such as information on the recruitment trends, salary intel, CV clinics etc then please reach out to him for a confidential discussion on

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