Presenting with impact: 7 mistakes to avoid

Interview with Julia Carter

Have you been sitting in boring presentations that made you start reading your emails?
Have you been listening to someone, wondering if this is for me?
Have you been getting away from a presentation and thinking 2 hours later: “what was this about?”

You’re surely don’t want your audience to feel this way, when you’re presenting yourself. You can’t be an effective statisticians without good presentation skills from my perspective. You will always need to present results, defend designs, or explain data.

Todays episode will give you insights into 7 mistakes of presentations. And honestly, I see at least one of them in nearly every presentation and I struggle with them as well – just listen to this episode and you’ll have a live example 😊.

The 7 mistakes Julia and I talk about are:

  1. Messing up the logistics (technical or room set-up)
  2. Lack of clarity on desired outcome
  3. Just focusing on the logical arguments
  4. Being boring
  5. Ignoring the audience
  6. Having a false start
  7. Ending lamely

Listen to this episode and learn how to avoid them. Also, Julia has a nice gift at the end, thus stay to the end of the episode to learn about it.

Link to the “presenting with impact” training by Julia!

About Julia Carter (MRPharmS, MCIPD)

Director, Zestfor Ltd.

Julia has over 24 years experience in the blue-chip corporate world with more than 15 years in learning and development roles. She has designed and delivered management and employee development programmes for all levels of employees including Senior Managers and Directors throughout the UK and Europe, and across the globe.Julia is a hands on, highly motivating training professional and coach who passionately believes every individual can be the person they really want to be when they are given the right tools, support and direction to get there.

Qualifications & Accreditations: Certified Online Learning Facilitator, Insights® Licensed Practitioner, Certified Career Coach, CIPD qualified in CTP, Strengthscope® Practitioner, EQ-i 2.0 /EQ 360 Certification, Belbin, MBTI, MRPharmS – Qualified Pharmacist, and BPharm(Hons) – Bachelor of Pharmacy, King’s College, London.

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