Mistakes – How to minimize them – How to manage them

Do you agree that everybody makes mistakes?
Have you had to deal with a mistake yourself, that you were really concerned about?
Were you afraid about speaking with your supervisor or your team with it?

We are all imperfect humans making mistakes. The questions are:

  • how do we deal with them,
  • what we can do about them, and
  • what to do to minimize them.

Processes are made to minimize mistakes and there different processes were set up to deal with mistakes and help you when mistakes occur.

In this episode Benjamin and Alexander will be talking about:

  • Examples of processes
  • Good programming practices
  • Documentation
  • Oversight of outsourcing
  • Reasons for failure

Listen to this interview and share it with others, who might learn from it!

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2 thoughts on “Mistakes – How to minimize them – How to manage them”

  1. Misrakes…. haaaa… vast topic. What, to me, is the biggest source of mistakes while programming statistical outputs or preparing documents is the time constraint. At one point, one must decide what to prioritize out of quality or timely deliverables (thinking for the CRO standpoint)

  2. Alexander

    That makes sense. Having to much time pressure will lead to mistakes in any setting. I think it requires courage to push back if quality matters. Just meeting deadlines for the sake of meeting them sounds like a bad idea for me.

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