Network meta-analyses: why, what, and how

Interview with Georgia Salanti

Do you know why network meta-analyses (NMA) important?
Do you wonder what steps are included in NMAs?

Network meta-analysis is a very important field, especially for multiple treatment options where a direct comparison is impossible without using this systematic review and analysis.

In today’s episode, I discuss with Georgia the following:

  • Key assumptions for network meta-analyses
  • Assessment for checking these assumptions
  • Tools to run an NMA
  • What starters need to read about NMAs
  • Resources at the ISPM

Link to the ISPM cinema software:

Link to the research team:

Link to the research videos:

Link to the cinema documents:

Listen to this episode to know more about how you can leverage NMAs and share this with others who might learn from it!

Georgia Salanti, Prof., PhD

Head of research group, Evidence Synthesis Methods Research Group.

Her research focuses on statistical modelling for evidence synthesis and the methodology of systematic reviews. She is particularly interested in publication bias issues, the impact of missing outcome data and network meta-analysis. Several of her methodological developments have been applied to answer clinical questions in mental health.


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  1. Oluwatosin Kuti

    Great talk.

    Can you shrae tthe link to the slides and materials mentioned by Georgia.

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